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Three Singapore Math Students' Testimonials:

Welcome to Singapore math camps site!

Holiday breaks are great times to explore the beauty and the enjoyment of math. During the school year, students have to learn specific math lessons from the school curriculum. Not much time remains for acquiring mental math strategies, solving challenging word problems, exploring deeper math concepts, or just simply enjoying the fun of math (yes! Math can be fun!) Singapore math camps are striving to stir the students' interest in math outside of the time pressure from school exams and homework.

Examples of Mental Math Strategies:

  • 245 - 99 = ?

(245 - 100) + 1 = 145 +1 = 146


145 + (100 - 99) = 145 + 1 = 146

  • 25 x 32 = ?

25 x 4 x 8

= (25 x 4) x 8

= 100 x 8

= 800

Most students dread math and consider that math is full of drudgery and drills because of the conventional way schools approach math. Math does have the aspect of drills, but drills should compose only a very limited portion of it. The majority of math should consist of enjoyable problem solving challenges with appropriate strategies. Singapore math camps hope to reverse the mostly negative impression students have concerning math and to excite students about math!