Winter Math Camp 2018

We've Got Your Number (WGYN) Game:

How to play:

Write as many as possible of the integers from 1 through 100 as expressions using all of the given four digits and any operations of x, /, +. -, exponent, factorial, logarithm.

Let's the whole camp race against Ms Lee-ling 8th grade son Isaac!!

Hmm....How to I come up with 31 with 3, 4, 8, 1 ??????

Let's crank out more equations for WGYN!

Group effort.

Looks like Isaac won....

How many triangles are hidden here??

We think there are 16 of them! What do you think?

Working as a team to solve this challenging word problem!

I got it!!

Kindergarten Class

Mental math strategy learned!

Having a hard start in math camp as kindergarteners!

Applying mental math strategy for addition.

Math Games Time!!

What's my number?

Beginner Camp

Let's work together!

Beautiful Smiley Faces

Trying to be the first to figure this one out!

Let's finish these 90 mental math practice questions!!

Little teacher's assistant :)

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful winter math camp with me! I look forward to seeing all of you this coming summer.